What is Visual Kei, Lolita Fashion?

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


1.10-buckle PLeather Pants

$45.99 - A simple pleather pants in black with buckles and zippers on each side

2.4-buckle Waist Bag Style Cover Pants

$42.99 - 4 buckles on the legs and a waist bag style on the back

3.4-zipper Crosses Straight-cut Pants

$39.99 - A straight cut pants with 6 pockets and 4 zipper crosses

4.Black Shining PLeather Pants

$45.99 - A very classic shining pleather pants

5.Buckle-strap Cover Pants

$45.99 - Pants with buckles on the front, straps on the back with removeable cover

6.Cover-over Purple Checker Pants

$39.99 - A purple checker pants with removeable cover

7.HardRockFeel Buckle Bondage Pants

$45.99 - A Hard rock feel ZipStrap + Buckles pants

8.Japan Punk-rock-gothic Style 5-buckle Pants

$39.99 - An easy wear pants ,prefect match of top blouse

9.Red Checker Cross-strap Straight-cut Pants

$39.99 - A classic checker pants, a must for a punk rock fan

10. Red Skull Cross Pants

$39.99 - Pants with cross pattern and red skull print