What is Visual Kei, Lolita Fashion?

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


1.Anomalous Bat Red line Skirt

$29.99 - a bat-like skirt with red outline

2.Anomalous length Broken style PLeather Skirt

$35.99 - an anomalous length Pleather broken style skirt

3.Gothic layer Spider lace Corset-thigh waist Skirt

$35.99 - a gothic style corset-thigh waist skirt with spider lace

4.Gothic style Skirt with Leg Warmers

$45.99 - gothic style skirt with leg warmers

5.J Punk Rock Gothic Black ruffle lace up Skirt

$$35.99 - a punk rock gothic style lace up skirt with ruffles

6.Japan Gothic Punk Rock Chain Skirt

$29.99 - a gothic punk rock skirt with chain

7.Japan Punk Gothic Buckle Strap Black long Skirt

$35.99 - a punk gothic style long black skirt with buckle and strap

8.Japanese Gothic style Polyester long Skirt

$42.99 - a gothic style long skirt made out of Polyester

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